Winter Blues affecting your well being?

Having just returned from a short break in Morocco I’m only too aware of how quickly winter is taking hold. The dark night’s are closing in , the temperature is falling, and the temptation is to become sedentary…..curled up on the sofa….and to eat!

So what can we do to combat this!

1. It sounds obvious  but get as much sunshine as you can, so change your routine, go out for a walk in the morning get outside in the fresh air, or try a walk at lunchtime.

2. Use a light box to simulate the suns rays, this reduces the release of melatonin in the brain. Use the box daily early morning for 30 -120 mins.

3. Exercise! One hour of aerobic exercise outside helps raise serotonin levels.

4. Beware of cravings……when serotonin is low your body will start to crave  foods high in carb’s and sugar!

5. Take up an activity that makes you feel more positive about the cold…embrace the snow!!

6. Use more colour in your home and clothes…brighten your day any ay you can!

7. Focus on the good things….Christmas, open fires, sledging, holiday time with friends , party’s and cosy nights!


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