What can you do about arthritis?

spineIt’s very common for people to consult me with musculoskeletal-skeletal pain ,lower back, shoulder , neck, knees, well actually pretty much any part of the body..

Sometimes it’s due to an injury, more often than not to micro trauma, the things we do little and often that in themselves are insignificant  but can add up to a big problem. Within that bracket come RSI’s and sport injuries.

It’s widely recognised that this is a mainstay of what Osteopaths do, and do well, which is why it’s so frustrating that as soon as someone suggests the pain might be as a result of arthritis a lot of people give up…..resign themselves to inevitable pain, and accept that they wil no longer have normal mobility.

The main cause of pain relating to arthritis is from the amount of muscle spasm, and consequent inflammation. If the area is left in this state then degeneration will happen faster as the worn joint surfaces are jammed together, allowing more damage. Part of this acceleration of wearing due to insufficient synovial fluid in the joint , the fluid that ‘oils’ your joints , gets squeezed out if the joint is under compression from spasm!

Effective relief can be gained by having good deep soft tissue, inhibiting muscular spasm, encouraging full articulation of the joints, and hot and cold therapy to calm down any inflammation.  Ensuring that posture is looked at and balance is established as far as possible in the body’s mechanics…..making people aware of how they hold themselves  and what they do at for example work that may aggravate the condition.

if these simple things are done arthritis needn’t stop you in your tracks, in fact you can slow down its advancement significantly!

In short be posturaly aware, get some treatment, exercise  to keep weight off, stretch to stop muscles from tightening, take a good glucosamine supplement(check my Usana link for Procosa), and relax…meditate and unwind!


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