Keeping well during COVID-19

We are living through unprecedented times, for certain there have been IMG_1463pandemics before , but this is on such a global scale and we are bombarded with information and news that can be harrowing, it’s hard to stay calm and sane.

I’m not suggesting that any of these things are cures , that would be v wrong, but there are perhaps ways that we can maximise our health and reduce our vulnerability apart from Hand washing and social distancing.

COVID -19 is primarily attacking lungs , affecting people’s ability to breath, so what can you do about that?
Make sure that when you are in your safe place you get your lungs working breath properly into the deep spaces of your cheats. Controlled inhalations, not forcing anything, but being aware of your ribs flaring and lifting, it helps to place your hands onto the side of your rib cage so that you can feel the movement and connect more with your body.
Asthmatics tend to use their neck muscles more to help with breathing and this can become too tight, so it’s really important to relax here , help the neck muscle to soften, this can be achieved with gently turning your head side to side with your slow gentle breath. Go as far as you can bilaterally,without pain. Do this a number of times on both side …you should notice that the range you’re achieving increases slightly. Do the same again but this time dropping your ear towards the shoulder on the same side, do it both sides several times. Lastly do some gentle head nods, nothing fast , just measured careful movements, don’t drop the head back as this can cause dizzy spells or nausea.
Roll your shoulders back and forward, then let your arms swing back and forth, feel them releasing ,heavy hands.
If you think you may be suffering with anaemia try to boost your iron levels, obviously it’s hard to get that tested at the moment , but a simple way to see is to look at the inner rim of your lower eyelid, does it look red and healthy, or a bit pale. Or look at the palms of your hands, when you stretch your fingers out do the creases show as darker than the hand, they should be noticeable.
Good sources of iron are red meat, dark green veg, seafood like salmon and shrimp, and beans..kidney ,pinto , soy and lentils… also apricots are a good source and easy to snack on. If you boost your iron, your helping your body to get oxygen around your body, really important to maximise this.
The founder of Osteopathy AT Still said ‘the rule of the artery is supreme’, what he meant by that was for healthy physiology you’re blood needed to get around your body unimpeeded. So keeping your body working well, getting your blood pumping, your lymphatic flowing will be critical.
Blocked channels cause stasis, so don’t be like a damned stream , keep things flowing and healthy, and that means your thought to ! Try not to be fearful, switch off from the news when you can, catch up with it, but don’t be all consumed. If your uptight you’ll get blockages… softer relaxed , try some yoga, go running, go to the woods and hug a tree or whatever works for you…but please stay safe and well.
Do call me if you’d like some more information or need clarity on anything I’ve written.

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