Vitamin D health and prevention against degenerative disease .

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There is  some new research out , published in the European journal of clinical nutrition. The study was conducted using a sample of 743 adults between 20-65, the study ran over summer and winter…..the surprising news was that there wasn’t much difference in people’s levels of Vit D in summer and winter.

We’re told that our bodies are able to synthesise Vit D when exposed to sunshine! So why are our levels not considerably higher in the summer!

Well there’s no doubt a variety  of factors , we spend a lot of time indoors, optimal synthesis time is between 11 am and 3 pm, which is when we are told to stay out of the sun…..also even when we’re in it we slather on the sunscreen, hence the increase in Vit D deficiency .

We can get Vit D from our food too……well that’s another thing that was assessed in the study, 95% of those taking part didn’t get enough vitamin D from their diet. ( the RDA ,which is a minimum is 2000ius daily).The thing is our food is depleat in vitamins and minerals because of the way we farm and store food, let alone the chopping and cooking before it gets to our plates!

so…….why do we need Vit D anyway!!?

Well research has show that it is important in preventing a whole host of chronic diseases:

heart disease,  stroke/ hypertension, osteoporosis, Respiratory diseases eg asthma, Diabetes type 1 and 2, dementia, depression, osteoarthritis, MS, and common cancer( breast, prostate,colon)

so this could explain why for millennia people of all cultures worldwide have worshipped the sun, those people knew / understood the benefits of haleotherapy., they understood the sun was a source of physical therapy.It’s only in v recent modern times that we’ve lost this in favour of antibiotics, etc pushed aside by modern drug companies.15/20 minutes a day can help to provide this integral vitamin that plays such an important role in the maintenance of life and cells.
theres a lot of research that confirms the benefits of Vit D in the fight against cancer, for example a study on colorectal cancer done over 19 years showed this cancer to be three times more common in people with Vit D deficiency. Also cancer such as breast, prostate,brain, and those affecting children are more common the further we are from the equator . Darker skinned people living at higher latitude are even more susceptible as their pigmentation protects from the sun, this explains higher rates of disease in these population.
A gold standard clinical trial done with post menopausal women reduced the risk of dying from ALL cancer by more than 66%! vitamin D reduces the metastatic nature of cancer cells, and prevents the growth of its blood supply essentially snuffing the cancer out before it takes hold.

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